Vault password itself isn't syncing between win7 and android5.1

I run 1password on two windows 7 PCs and one Android 5.1 phone, syncing with Dropbox. The Android phone uses the "free" version of 1password. I changed my master password a few weeks ago from my PC, and haven't had the need to whip out my phone and use the password function until yesterday.

I tried to unlock the vault on my phone: refused to unlock. I tried the password a few times: still locked. I updated the dropbox and 1password apps to the latest android version on my phones (both of my PCs are out of date on 1password since I haven't rebooted this month and been "reminded" of the new version). Even after updating, the vault wouldn't open on my phone. The vault opens fine using the new password on both win7 PCs.

I tried using my previous vault password on the phone: that worked. I don't think my vault on the phone is outdated: I immediately checked to see if a recently-created login appeared on the phone's vault, and it was there.

1Password Version: 4.3android
Extension Version: 4.5.6
OS Version: android 5.1 win-7-64bit-SP1
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • periperi

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    Hey @dayoung. That sounds like expected behavior. When you change the Master Password on another device, 1Password on Android doesn't know that the password has changed until it syncs the change. However, in order to sync, you first need to unlock 1Password for Android with the old Master Password.

    Once unlocked, it will sync the changes and should accept the new Master Password after. Can you confirm if you're able to unlock the vault with the new Master Password now that it's synced?

  • Yes, it is now taking the new password.
    What is the correct procedure to take with all my devices and PCs when I change the vault password in the future?
    Is there a procedure to follow if I forget my old password on one of my devices? I would have expected the app to sync via dropbox before it let me unlock the local vault.

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the update @dayoung. :)

    In order to conserve system resources, 1Password doesn't continuously sync in the background on Android, which is why the Master Password doesn't sync until you unlock 1Password. In order for sync to occur, the app will need to be unlocked, and if it's already unlocked, just pull to refresh or tap Sync from the overflow menu.

    In the future, if you change the Master Password on one of your PCs, please make sure to launch 1Password on Android to sync the Master Password change.

    That said, as long as the Dropbox app is running on Windows, it will sync changes as they occur without being triggered. So if you change the Master Password from Android, Windows should detect the change and require the new Master Password the next time you launch the app.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

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