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I've found that the logins don't always work so far my Bank (Digital Federal Credit Union) and State Farm do no work. What am I missing? Also, unrelated. I JUST purchased a license to 1 Password for my parents. Is it possible to convert that money paid into credit for a Families account? I did not know that was available when I purchased the license.

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    Hi @mdebranski,

    I moved your question to Saving and Fillingin Browsers so the right people will be able to see it and help! We need some more information to be able to help you better. Can you please tell us:
    -Which OS you're having this issues with
    -What version of 1Password you have
    -What version of the 1Password extension and which browser you are using

    This will helps us figure out what's going on. It would also be very helpful if you give us some more details on how 1Password is failing. Meanwhile, I recommend you to check this troubleshoot guide, it might help you sort out your problem :chuffed:

    About your second question, I'm glad that you want to use 1Password Families with your parents! If you purchased the license less than a month ago you can get a refund for the license, and just go ahead and create your Families account. You can check how to get the refund here:

    I hope to hear back from you so we can figure out your issue. :chuffed:

  • Hi @mdebranski,

    Assuming the guide that Pilar linked you to doesn't help, the information she has requested will allow us to ensure any testing we do will mirror what happens for you but to do this can you also supply the URL for the bank's login page and a brief description of what you mean by does not work. Is it not filling the fields or is the site claiming some detail is wrong. All of this will help us look in the right area :smile:

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