Awkward recovery if user has forgotten Master Password - now can't login to 1P OSX?

Hi - I've hit a problem that i'm sure I must be wrong. One of our team members, joined the team in a hurry, installed the OSX client and then the following day couldn't remember what he'd done - and couldn't sign into the web or osx clients anymore.

No problem - that's what the recovery option is for (and its worth practicing it anyway). So we initiated this, he got his email link, and he signed in on the web client fine. Then he tried to connect his OSX client - but it just presents a master password prompt (which he can't remember, and its not the new one he's just created in his team recovery). So we though he should just be able to go to the preferences menu, and just remove his team account - but oh no... in that menu, remove team account is greyed out, as is add team account... so what does a user do in this position? It seems like a catch 22. Do you really have to delete all of the software and reinstall it?


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  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni

    @365nice The option to remove the 1Password account from 1Password for Mac is greyed out because the app is locked. We don't want anyone to be able to make changes to 1Password without your permission, so as long as it's locked, everything in Preferences is too.

    It sounds like your team member will want to start over with 1Password for Mac. We're planning to release an easier way to do this in the future, but for right now following the linked guide will walk your team member through the steps needed to get everything up and running with 1Password for Mac again.

    Did your team member generate an Emergency Kit? If so, it might be a good idea to fill out the Master Password section and then get it off the Mac and on to a flash drive or piece of printed paper so they don't have to go through the recovery process (and starting over with 1Password for Mac) if they forget their Master Password again 8-)

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