auto-login not working appears to have a fairly simple login dialog. When I fill the values from the browser extension (chrome) it fills them correctly and it looks like it tries to invoke the login. The page just reloads and clears the values.

If I copy the password into the form and trigger the login by hand it seems to work ok.


1Password Version: 6.2.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.11.4
Sync Type: (family default)


  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    Hi, @mjr104. Can you let us know how you're visiting the page? Sometimes, Chrome's address bar does not give up the cursor and then 1Password tries to submit the page and the page just appears to reload because the address bar has been submitted. If you turn Submit Logins off, does it still behave this way for you?

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