vault not syncing across devices despite all being linked by my dropbox account

I selected the category Windows, but it's really happening across all of my devices: iPhone, iPad, work laptop, and personal desktop.

I've tried deleting everything from my dropbox account, syncing via icloud, then switching back to dropbox to "start fresh." Nothing I do seems to work

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
Sync Type: Dropbox
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    Hi @huggitp,

    For the future, please do not delete data nor switch sync options, it doesn't usually help and can make things far worse.

    You said it is not syncing, can you confirm that each 1Password app on your devices and computers have their own data that is not being picked up by others or are there specific devices that is not picking up any changes?

    In other words, if you make changes on your iPad, does your iPhone pick up the changes from the iPad but not the work/personal laptop?

  • Well...I don't understand why or how, but it's finally syncing across devices again.

    When I was having the problem though it was the latter: the devices weren't picking up the changes from the one the original device I changed (i.e., when I made a change on my iPhone, the change didn't sync to the other devices; when I made a change on my laptop, the change didn't sync to my other devices; etc.).

    And noted on the do not delete data/switch sync options.

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    Hi @huggitp,

    I'm glad to hear everything's working now.

    That's one of the "can make things worse" thing. When you make a lot of changes in a short period of time via the cloud, you can be throttled by the sync service and it may take a few hours to get it to continue syncing. I suspect that's what happened here and why everything's working fine now.

  • Seems like every year I have this problem IT will not sync all three together - Laptop, phone, home computer.
    Even this website could not be accessed with 1password

  • brentybrenty

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    Indeed. It isn't often (maybe once a month?) that I set up a new device and sync my Dropbox vaults, but I don't recall not encountering a throttling issue for a very long time with the initial sync. The good news is it works itself out and finishes on its own. The bad news is I'm not always as patient as I'd like to be. :lol:

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