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  • I need help. I was just infected with a ransom ware virus and lost a lot of my Dropbox data. My iPhone runs 1password and seems to be working but I'm afraid it will sync with the corrupted copy of my Dropbox 1password program. How do I back this up and/ or prevent s sync??

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    Hi @wodickey,

    Please check out our guide for backing up 1Password for iOS:

    Creating and restoring 1Password backups in iTunes (iOS)

    I hope that helps!


  • brentybrenty

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    @wodickey: I'm sorry to hear that you've been a victim of ransomware. I'll also add that if you have your data in 1Password for iOS, it will not sync (and thus be affected by any changes in Dropbox, for good or ill) unless you are connected to the internet and open the app.

    What this means is that you can put your iPhone into airplane mode and then disable sync in 1Password. That will let you backup your data safely, and then you can setup sync again once you've gotten everything sorted out.

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