How could I effectively use 1Password to set a super strong Apple ID?

Maybe I missing something obvious but I can't really see how it would be realistically possible to set a super strong for my Apple ID/iCloud/App Store even though this seems like a really important thing to have an extra strong password on.

It seems to me like you cannot even setup or restore a crashed apple device without knowing your Apple ID and password. Setting up a new iPhone or iPad or reinstalling the OS on a Mac requires your Apple ID if I remember correctly.

Of course if you still have another working Apple device with your 1Password installed you can look up your password but what if you don't?

You cannot even set up the device let alone download your iCloud password backup and install 1Password in order to access your passwords without your Apple ID login info.

Plus if you are synching with iCloud you would never be able to download your vault backup without knowing the Apple ID password which would be stored in the vault you are trying to download from iCloud.

Of course you can reset your Apple ID by e-mail but if you are protecting your e-mail using 1Password you can't do that either.

What's the work around here (if any) or recommended best practice? Set a strong yet memorizable password for your Apple ID using a dice list and you just have to remember it? I can't think of another option.


1Password Version: 6.3 (App Store)
Extension Version: Firefox 4.5.6
OS Version: OS X 10.11.5
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @marty_b,

    Your Apple ID is one that you still need to memorize. The example you listed is one of those reasons. I've found it asks often enough too that one that is strong but memorable and somewhat easy to type is warranted.

    You can use the Words section of the password generator to generate a strong password for an Apple ID. Currently, I believe there are some restrictions so may need to insert or change a letter or two to capital and insert a numeric digit (or more). That's what I have done.

    Also, I have my 1Password master password and Apple ID password printed and stored safely. Some use a safe, others a safe deposit box. Both are good options.

    I hope that helps. Please reply if I've missed something or have further questions.


  • Hi Kevin,

    Yes thanks, I was just wondering if there was something else I hadn't thought of.

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    Glad to help!

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