1Password for mac upgrade from version 4 to 6 asks me to PAY again the software ?

Why would you do that ? I bought the damn thing back when it was version 4 and I started using it because it's awesome. Now I have switched to windows and I can't use my old 1password 4 license bought for the mac and I can't upgrade.

That was a nasty move to get me hooked to this software, which I give you it's the best in it's class, but now I have to pay some 64$ to get a new license for something I already bought to use on windows.

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  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @saibarspeis,

    I'm sorry for the confusion and frustration with 1Password and the licensing details. Up until recently, 1Password was sold per platform. This means that if you purchased 1Password for Mac you had a license only for OSX. I'm glad to hear that you like 1Password and consider it the best of it's kind and I have good news for you! You don't need to pay full price to be able to use 1Password on your new Windows computer :chuffed: If you write to us at [email protected] we'll see that you get a really nice discount so you can keep enjoying 1Password!

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