Version 142 Release Notes

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Well hello there again. It has been almost a week since our last build to production which quite frankly is too long. I'll be getting us back to more regular updates, after all we have a long list of improvements planned for you in the coming weeks and months. :)

Today's build comes with its own set of really nice improvements and new features.

One nice new feature is the ability to deauthorize a device. Your My Profile page in your 1Password account contains a list of your currently authorized devices.

screen shot 2016-06-09 at 11 28 39 pm

If you have a device on there that you no longer want connected to your 1Password account you can now click on the "X" beside that device to deauthorize it.

screen shot 2016-06-09 at 11 38 43 pm

Once deauthorized, you will not be able to use your 1Password data on that device until you re-add your account.

Here is what's new in build 142:

  • [NEW] Owners and Admins can now manage all groups.
  • [NEW] Added the ability to remove authorized devices.
  • [NEW] In vault view, you can now add multiple websites to a Login item.
  • [NEW] In vault view, added a keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘M) for admins to open the vault they're currently viewing in the admin console so they can manage it.
  • [IMPROVED] You can now remove yourself from a group if you can manage the group.
  • [IMPROVED] In vault view, multi-line fields (such as software license keys) are now supported. {925}
  • [IMPROVED] Make invoices easier to read when team members are added or removed.
  • [FIXED] Some owners and admins were seeing incomplete text in the sidebar of the home page. {1515}
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