Wondering when the other shoe is going to drop...

Here's my scenario - I installed 1Password from the app store onto my iphone. I then went to the 1Password website and saw an offeer to sign up for "teams" for free so I created that account.

I then added that account info to my iphone.

I then downloaded the beta version for Windows onto my Win10 laptop and added my account info there.

So, now it appears that I've got 1Password Teams Pro on my iphone and laptop, but so far I've not seen anyplace requesting billing info or asking for any money.

What am I missing, if anything?

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  • Hey @JimDoering,

    It sounds like you are in the 30 day trial period of the Teams account.

    From the Teams Sales page - https://1password.com/teams/pricing/

    Can I try 1Password Teams for free?
    Yes, you can sign up for the free 30-day trial without needing to add a credit card. All features of 1Password Teams are unlocked and available for you to experience during your trial, and you can invite as many people as you wish.

    If you choose to stay with 1Password Teams, simply add your credit card at any time during the trial. You and your team will seamlessly transition to one of our paid plans.

    The billing info for Teams is handled on the 1Password.com website which you log into here:

    Regarding the billing information take a look at this page:

    Does that help?

  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni

    @JimDoering Mr. Dodger is correct: You are using the free 30-day trial of 1Password Teams. Once that trial is up you will have to either subscribe to the service or purchase a 1Password for Windows license. (Or, if you're using it personally, sign up for 1Password Families.)

    Let us know if you need help with anything else :)

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