Migrating folders into Family account

I have nearly 600 records in 1Password spread across numerous folders in a hierarchy. This information is lost when I migrate them to Families. How can i convert them to tags before I migrate so preserving them. Also, can you have a hierarchy of tags like you can with folders?

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    Hi @hywelw,

    Thanks for asking about this.

    Once you create a tag by adding it to one item, it will appear in the sidebar. Then you can select all the items you wish to have that tag and drag them onto the tag in the sidebar. Boom. :)

    You can't exactly have a hierarchy of tags, but you can apply as many tags as you want to a single item. For my usage, I've found it to be a lot more flexible than folders and the linear hierarchy they allow.

    For example, I have tags for:

    • bills
    • cc
    • health
    • auto
    • insurance

    This allows for all sorts of different combinations:

    • If I want to see all my bills, I can look at the items tagged bills.
    • If I want to know which bills are paid with a recurring credit card payment, I can look at all the items tagged bills and cc.
    • If I want to see things like my Membership item for my health insurance, the Login for their website, and also my Membership item for my separate vision insurance, I can look at health items.
    • If i just want to see the health insurance stuff (not Logins) I can do that.
    • I can also view auto insurance. (I'm sure you can guess what that's about.) Or simply insurance which will include both health and auto.

    It's super flexible and makes my life a lot easier. I tried to use folders a long time ago but went with tags because they were so much better. I hope you are able to find them as useful as I have over the years. :)

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to provide further assistance!

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