address? Account key?

I put 1P on a new OS and the app is asking for a sign-in address and an account key and an email address. Sign-in address is different from email address? An account key is some kind of certificate isn't it? I don't have ether Family or Team account, so when I see this

You were given an Account Key if you joined a Family or Team account. If you don’t use either of these services, then you don’t have an Account Key or a 1Password account. You may have a license instead.

Not sure what the app is asking for. Should this be a little clearer for the average user?

Click on the link for a license and nothing showed up in email. Agilebits couldn't find an account registered with my email address.

Seems to be a lot of cross talk in the system.

The only thing I actually understand in here is my master password.

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    Hi @TomWolsky ,

    I'm sorry for the confusion this has caused. Accounts are referring to 1Password for Families or 1Password for Teams accounts. If you just have a regular license for 1Password then you do not have an account. We are considering rewording of this but it is a challenge as different users have different ideas of what accounts and licenses are.

    It sounds like, on the previous screen, you clicked Sign in to your 1Password Account. If you click on the < Welcome to 1Password in the lower left corner of that screen, it will take you back to the first screen where you should click Create a New Vault or one of the other options. If your data is synced to iCloud, click Find it Elsewhere. If it is on Dropbox, it will be listed at the top right of the screen where you can select it and then click Use Selected Data.

    If you have any further questions, please reply.


  • Awesome! Yes, that was the problem 1Password Account. Simply had to Find elsewhere to go to iCloud.

    Are there a lot more account and family users than single users?

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    Hi @TomWolsky,

    Great to see that Kevin's advice did the trick there. 1Password Teams/Families is still new, so there aren't as many users using it as single users. We're still working on how best to present those options when starting up. We don't like that it's adding a bit of confusion (you aren't the only one that hit this issue), and would really like to clear that up.


  • Thanks Rick.

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    :) :+1:

  • I've read all these and am still confused. I am trying to set up 1P app on a new iPhone, and it asks for a Team URL, Account Key, Email Address and Master Password. I have no idea what the Team URL refers to, it does not recognize my account key or my email address. Very frustrating.

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    Hi @mhengel,

    If you did not sign up for a 1Password Families or 1Password Teams account, then you need to choose the step "Use without an account". This page should help you out:

    At step 3, choose "Use without an account."


  • That worked. Thanks. It was confusing to me that I should follow a link labeled "Use without an account" when I've had an account for several years.

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    Hi @mhengel,

    This is something we're trying to figure out how to make clearer. The confusion is understandable, and it's on us to figure out how to convey what we mean in a better way.

    I'll try to explain what we meant with that, and maybe you can help us with better terms, since you're in a better position to think of the terms you're looking for in this case than we are.

    1Password over the years has created what we've called "Vaults" for users. The vault can be sync'd via Dropbox, iCloud, Wi-Fi, etc.. The vault is your data in the sense that it's up to you to take care of what devices it can live on, how it syncs etc. Things were relatively simple.

    With the addition of 1Password Teams/Families, we added a few new concepts. The first is that of a Team or Family. The second is the concept of a user account that you use to login to the team or family. The team/family can have vaults, and what users can have access to them and how they're synced is all centrally managed.

    So in that first screen, when we're talking about 1Password Accounts, what we're talking about is 1Password Teams/Families accounts. Starting without an account to us means either creating a new vault (as we've done before) or connecting to an existing vault on iCloud, Dropbox, etc...

    I would love to hear any ideas you have for how we could make this process clearer. We certainly don't want to confuse anyone.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • The confusing screen appears in both iOS versions, and certainly confused me. Suggestion for clarification:

    If you have a Team Account or a Family Account:
    [Sign In Here]

    If you have an Individual Account:
    [Connect to an existing 1Password Vault] or
    [Create a new Vault]

    If you don't have a 1Password Account:
    [Register for a new Password Account]

    OK, that's twice as many options as there are now, and lots more text, but I think you have enough screen space. This covers all the possibilities, and in doing so gives the user no doubt about what to do next. Plus, by adding the fourth option, you might even get some new customers.


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    Thanks for your feedback @trevh

    We've got all new designs for this coming soon and it's quite a bit different than our current setup but we think it addresses most of the concerns users have had.

    I'd love to hear your feedback when it becomes available. You'll see it in the release notes when we do release it in beta. Hopefully next week.

  • Can you possibly make it any more difficult to determine if one have a license, a license account, an account or an account
    license, a family account, a team account or something else, or which I should be using for that matter.

  • rudyrudy

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    In looking in our system you seem to have both a license and an account. Now is the time to pick which one you actually want to use.

    I'm also curious how you ended up with both since we've been working on the first run experience to reduce the likelihood that you end up with both.


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    Can you possibly make it any more difficult to determine if one have a license, a license account, an account or an account
    license, a family account, a team account or something else, or which I should be using for that matter.

    @GeneandMary: Our goal is to make it easier, so we appreciate any feedback you might have!

    In case it helps you or anyone else, when purchasing a license, you get an email with your license information (which will be a key or a file) and a link to download the app. With a Account, you'll have gotten an Account Key and Sign In URL as part of your signup process, so that you can login to to manage your account and access your data.

    While you may want to consider a 1Password subscription, since it gives you access to all of the apps, the web interface, and does away with license management and sync configuration altogether (you simply login to your account to authorize a device and access your data), the standalone license may be a better option for you if you only need to use 1Password on your own computers. Let us know which you prefer, and we'll help you get everything setup! :)

  • Rudy & Brenty
    Thanks for your response and patience. As you now know I have both a license and an account.
    I suspect I should be using the key# that came with my receipt (1 time purchase) single license
    I suspect because it indicates license on the receipt that it is a liscense and not an account.
    What I have is (4) computers and (2) phone that I want to have your 1Password on and all of them
    synced and keep synced.
    What I think transpired is this: I downloaded 1 Password from the site on the receipt to my 1st computer.
    When I was at my 2nd site I didn't have my receipt (paperwork) with me but wanted to load my 2nd
    computer and phone so just went on the internet and searched for 1Password and downloaded same.
    I suspect the sites are different and think now the phone download is different than the computer download.
    Eventually realized that the browser needed a download also so tried to do so from the Google Chrome
    app site. They loaded but wouldn't work - kept looking for a "helper".
    The download site on my receipt provides a browser download which does function.
    So I am attempting to unload everything and re-download from the site on my receipt.
    When I get all loaded a functioning I want to get all of them synced and keep them synced.
    On my 1st attempt (with the old downloads) I couldn't find my info on your site and the option on
    Dropbox was "whited out". Hopefully, with the new downloads all will fall into place.
    I am thinking I should use Dropbox then because I want them all to continue to sync. Don't see
    how the other options would continue to sync.
    I want to say that I spent considerable time searching and looking at password programs and
    believe 1Password stands out from the rest. Also it's refreshing to find and organization that actually
    responds to complaints and does so in a timely manner.

    Thanks GeneandMary

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Good morning @GeneandMary. Thanks for following up with us here. The situation you described is a perfect fit for your account. Your account includes:

    • Simple, automatic syncing among all your devices.
    • Incredibly easy setup for new devices.
    • Included licenses for 1Password on all of our platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS & Android)
    • Free upgrades to 1Password for as long as your subscription is in good standing.
    • Automatic online backups.

    Before we dive ahead, it would be useful to make sure all your devices meet the system requirements for using your account. You will need:

    • Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) or higher
    • iOS 9 or higher
    • Windows 7 or greater
    • Android 5 or greater

    If your computers and phones meet those requirements then we're good to charge ahead. Your next step would be our support document here on how to get started:

    The only thing left to do here is to apply your license purchase to your account subscription, which I've now done. Once you add your credit card details on you'll see that credit applied.

    I hope this helps, but if there's anything else I can clarify please don't hesitate to ask.

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