Is it possible to synchronize an item between two vaults ?

Hi ! I have created two vaults. One is for my team, other is for one of my service provider.
Is it possible to synchronize an item between this two vaults ?
Actually I can only : move or copy this item. But if I make changes to one of the elements, I need to do the same change on the other one. (copy) and I don't want to move it to an another vault.


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  • brentybrenty

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    @igora: It's a dream we have, but given that each vault has its own encryption keys it isn't currently even technically possible for an item to cross vault boundaries.

    As you mentioned, you can maintain a copy in multiple vaults and then copy the new version over when you change it. Alternatively, you can create a separate vault expressly for the purpose of sharing. That way you won't have to manually copy, and anyone with access to that vault will also get any changes to the item(s) inside. Cheers! :)

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