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Hello 1Password Team,
As some of you know, I am a private IT Consultant working primarily with senior citizens. I also evangelize 1Password everywhere I go and I have encouraged most of my clients to install and use 1Password on all their devices. I then teach them how to use it and if they don't have the capacity to use it themselves, it's a tool I use when I'm with them. I don't wish to be held personally responsible for all their passwords and account management, but I do wish to empower them to take control of it even if it means they still write things down onto a printout and I help them populate the database later. It's better than nothing or storing it all in their browser.

One of the main uses is for collecting their digital footprint and account information into one easy-to-read document that they can then share with a family member or trusted individual in the case of their death. It's a very challenging topic, but I have become somewhat of a digital undertaker over the years. What I'm encountering more and more is the need to help the remaining spouse pick up the bits, so to speak. Many times problems can be solved by logging in online and updating information or transferring ownership to the person left behind to pay the bills without the need to spend countless hours on the phone with customer service only to be told they need to fax or mail out a death certificate. To do all of this of course, I need to put clues together to form a complete picture for them. I help them get logged into their accounts by having them guess at passwords and security questions and all along the way I use 1Password to keep track of it all.

Two things that would make this task more efficient are better printouts and a pre-populated security section.

I love the way I can print out hard copy for my seniors. They love the big and colorful icons, the way the password is very easy to read with blue for numbers and red for special characters. It gets really frustrating though when information gets separated across the many pages. For example, the printout ends up being 20 pages long. Printed 2-sided, that's 10 pages, but when trying to flip through those pages, it gets really confusing when part of the information for one entry ends up on another page or gets cut off at the bottom. I'd like for this to be a tidier presentation for those who still like hard copies of everything. It makes it easier for them to have it in printed form along with their will and other crucial documents that get handed over to their executor or a family member who must then close out or take over their accounts.

One section I find myself manually entering in over and over again are the security questions and answers. I wish it were a standard heading and pre-populated fields. It would look like this:

Question 1: [ blank field ]
Answer 1: [ blank field ]
Question 2: [ blank field ]
Answer 2: [ blank field ]
Question 3: [ blank field ]
Answer 3: [ blank field ]

3 questions and corresponding answers seems to be the norm lately.

Thanks for taking the time to consider some user interface needs.

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.5.BETA-4 (650004) AgileBits
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OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.5
Sync Type: Dropbox, iCloud
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  • Hi @TheMacMommy,

    It’s awesome to hear from you again! I think it’s all kinds of wonderful that you’re helping less technical users navigate the often overwhelming seas of online security. I can’t imagine that it’s easy being a ‘digital undertaker’, but I’m glad that there are people like you out there, helping in such a stressful and confusing time.

    Thanks so much for explaining how you use 1Password with your clients, and how we can make it better. We’ve had a few conversations around the company lately about how to improve the app and make it more powerful as an estate planning tool, and I’ve shared your post with our team to let them know what would be most useful for you and your clients.

    Of course, I can’t promise anything, but if there’s anything else that you feel we could improve on, we’re always listening.

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    Hi @TheMacMommy ,

    I don't work for AgileBits, and can see how your feature request would help seniors quite a bit. Sometimes the techies don't have a good sense for the needs of the elderly. Print outs are crucial to them, their caretakers, and fiduciaries.

    Creating readable nicely formatted printouts is a challenge, to be sure.

    It would be very helpful to others like yourself to have more printing formatting options in 1Password on all platforms. Although I've written a onepif2html converter, which can render customizable print-ready output, it probably isn't something that you'd find user-friendly for your usage scenarios (since there is some setup required for Windows users). It's aim was to provide at least a way ability to printout the entire database, in a compact format, but also be customizable.

    The security question request - do you know that you can create a blank Login (or other entry), create a custom section and fields with your security questions, and save that blank entry for later Duplication? This serves as a convenient poor-man's template solution.

    It would be nice if 1Password had some form of "macro" insertion ability, where you could create your own custom Sections/Fields, save them by name, and have the inserted by name quickly into an entry. This would go a long way towards the custom categories people have asked for over the years. Maybe someday. (FYI: I used to have a TextExpander macro to create exactly the security questions you asked for, but 1Password no longer allows external tools to insert text since it now goes into secure input mode).

    Anyway, hope this helps, even if just a little.

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