How can I get back into my account


I used to use 1 Password on my iMac a few years ago. Then it broke down and I stopped using 1Password for a while.
Now I would like to use it again, but I can't seem to login. Please note that I now have a Windows PC instead of an Apple iMac.
I installed version 1 of 1Password, because that was the version that still worked with the ''ws.agile.1Password.settings'' file that I still have in my Dropbox folder. However, it is not recognised by any version (1 or 4) that I tried to download.
Then I thought, well, I just use the browser extention like back in the old days. But there I can type in my master password, but after then it keeps getting stuck on 'connecting'.
How can I get back to my passwords? I still know my master password, but I can't seem to get the program working anymore!

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  • brentybrenty

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    @Frustratedolduser: (Un)fortunately AgileBits has neither your 1Password data nor the Master Password used to secure it, so this isn't something we can 'recover' for you to help directly.

    In order to access your 1Password data, you'll need your Master Password and your vault. This will probably be something with .agilekeychain on the end of it. Do you have it stored in Dropbox as well? ws.agile.1Password.settings is, just as it sounds, only a settings file.

    Alternatively, you could try to copy the data from your old computer. The browser extension needs the app and the app needs your data to be useful at all. Otherwise, you will need to either restore from a backup, sync from another device, or simply start over. Please let me know how it turns out. I look forward to hearing back from you!

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