1Password for Windows 10.


I was a huge fan until I saw post from 2015 saying a Windows 10 app was on the way... The current Windows desktop app is unusable if you have a Surface Pro 4 or any computer with a high resolution. You feel like been in 1998.

The Windows app for the tablet mode got the high resolution thing, but it's readonly (Add, Edit are grayed) and the layout do not fit a windows 10 app scheme. (dark theme, 'hamburger' button instead of your '>>', Icon for login entries are all the same, etc...)

And now I learned that Edge extention won't be supported on 2nd of August (anniversary update)

I'm not blind, I see EnPass doing good atm, Desktop App high resolution, Tablet App fit in windows scheme, edge extention already working (insider program so we can say it will be available 2nd August...), and much cheaper (Well that I can understand why)

I'm Canadian and I will continue to support Canadian companies, but please, Do something for windows users before it's too late!

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    Hi @rgignac,

    We've announced 1Password 6 Beta for Windows earlier this month on our blog here, it supports Hi-DPI out of the box but as mentioned in the blog post, full support (edit/write) local vaults is coming later this year. This is different from the Windows Store app but it is the regular desktop app that will run on Windows 7 and later versions of Windows that many of our customers have been asking for, it supports basic Login filling already and many more coming soon.

    Our main focus for the first update will be for 1Password Families and Team customers, which does support editing and creating new items already. Rich Icons are coming in a future beta update, dark theme is not yet planned as we're still working on the interface changes but it is something we'd like to do later.

    We are trying to find alternative methods for Edge but right now as we speak, Edge does not have support for our local communication methods like we do in Firefox and Chrome.

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