Version 152 Release Notes

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How active have you been today? What about your team, have they been active too?

If you are like most people you are now checking your Apple Watch, Fitbit or other fitness tracking device. I am a little afraid to check mine to be honest. However, there is now a new and exciting way to track a different aspect of your team's activity... with our brand new Activity Log feature in 1Password Teams!

The Activity Log tracks the changes made in your 1Password Teams account for Team Members, Groups and Vaults. Simply look at a Team Member, Group or Vault in the Admin Console and you will see the most recent changes listed in the Activity Log on the right hand side.

There is also a brand new Activity Log tab itself that will show a broader view of your team's updates, and allow you to filter results or select date ranges. This can be incredibly useful if you are trying to figure out who updated a vault, or removed someone from a group!

At this time, the Activity Log is still pretty new, so we've made it an opt-in feature. If you want to see the Activity Log then go to Settings within the Admin Console. There you will find the option to enable the Activity Log for your Teams account. Enjoy!

Here is what's new in build 152:

  • [NEW] Added activity log for Team accounts on the Pro plan. You can currently opt-in to this feature in your account settings.
  • [NEW] In vault view, the item count is now shown for All Items and Trash in the sidebar. {1367}
  • [IMPROVED] Correctly interpreting more connection timeout errors with a helpful error message.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an error that would occur if your browser does not support local storage.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an error that could occur often in certain rare browsers.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an error that could occur when trying to join a team or family account from certain browsers.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where we relied on notifications to refresh a page the user just changed.
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