What is the point of "Generate New Password"

Hey, I kind of just downloaded 1password and it has been really helpful. There is one thing I can't quite wrap my head around, though. What's the point of the "Generate New Password" after you've placed your own (in the login section)? For example, I set up my Tumblr login profile and I`put my Email address, and then my password. Then, there's an option to generate a new password, so I did.

Once I was on the Tumblr app, logged out, just so I could try out the app. When I click the 1password logo on the right of my email, it asks me to put in my master password, and there it was, my login. I choose it, and what came out was another password that I chose to generate. So, it was kinda useless. What's the point of having to generate another password if you're not going to use it anyway? I am so confused, help me

This isn't a bug or anything, just pure human confusion.

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  • ntimontimo
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    Hi @soapwad
    The point of the password generator function is that you can generate a very very secure password no one would ever be able to crack and also create different passwords for each website. So you don't use the same password again and again.

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    @soapwad: First of all, nice moustache! :pirate::+1:

    ntimo is right on, but at the risk of boring you, I'm going to go "full nerd" and go into more detail since this is an incredibly important and (at least for me!) interesting subject. Ahem. :glasses:

    So, one of the worst things we can do is make up passwords ourselves. Human-generated passwords are non-random, predictable, and weak. So using the strong password generator in 1Password saves us from ourselves, by creating truly random, insane passwords that no one can guess. Be sure to check out this handy guide:

    Change your passwords and make them stronger

    Now, another terrible thing we can do is reuse the same password on multiple websites. It's easy to think, "Well, this password is so strong, it's the only one I'll ever need!" But as we all know (at this point, unfortunately, perhaps from experience), websites get their customer databases compromised. So a silly account we signed up for years ago and forgot about can prove to be a huge liability if (or perhaps when) your password falls into the wrong hands and those hands decide to try it on other sites. But if we're using unique passwords for each site, one being compromised is still a problem, but it isn't the end of the internet as we know it at least. :yum:

    But once we've created all these unique, random passwords, how in the 'Verse are we supposed to remember them, type them, and/or not pull all of our hair out trying (been there, done that)?! :scream:

    Fortunately, there's an app for that! ;)

    That sort of brings us full circle to why we're all using 1Password in the first place: because it makes it possible for mere mortals to not get caught doing the "stupid human tricks" of bad password creation, memorization, entry, and/or reuse. Probably more than you bargained for, but if you have any questions at all, I'm more than happy to answer them — as I'm sure you now know! :lol:

  • @brenty goddamn I _love _the communication and how you conveyed this information to me, thank you very much. You are amazing, he is amazing, everything is amazing

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    @soapwad: Wow. Thank you! I was worried that I got a bit carried away there. Happy to be of help with the information and the conveying any time. Have an amazing weekend!!! :love:

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