Feature request: filling in grid cards

This is something I need to deal with many times a day. For every bank transaction I need to fill in 3 values taken from a 2 dimensional grid card that my bank issued me. Right now I keep a copy using secure notes but it would be really great if I could just enter or scan the whole card and have 1Password fill the values for me.

Hope to hear from you, thanks!

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback @yzoldan!

    The primary difficulty with what you've proposed is that there is no standard, as far as I'm aware, for these sorts of implementations. Each site that does such a thing could / probably does do it a little different. That means that if we were to implement something of that sort it would require specific code for each site, and we'd be at their mercy if they ever made any changes to their implementation (we'd have to update 1Password).

    It isn't a very practical setup.

    Ideally, if this is to become a common place thing (it isn't here in the states or Canada), an industry standard would be developed and implemented across the industry. That would make implementing such a feature in 1Password much more feasible.

    As for the current state of things -- we rarely say never, and we certainly appreciate the feedback.



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