creating a vault without dropbox

I just bought 1Password and am trying to set up my first vault. I don't have dropbox and cannot afford dropbox. I have NO cloud drives at all and do not trust them enough to get one. How do I create a vault at all and add my logins to it?

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    Hi @rjtst,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    The first thing you need to do is sign in to the app. Here is the link explaining the steps for Windows 10:

    Get started with a family or team account

    Follow the steps there and you should see your Personal vault for all your items as well as your Shared vault where you can put items you want everyone in your family to have access to.

    Those are the only two vaults my wife and I use. (Each family member has their own Personal vault that no one else can access.) But if you want to create more vaults, you can do so like this:

    Share passwords and other items with your family

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help. :)

  • I got the app, but how do I get it to save passwords for email accounts into my vault? I also downloaded the addon for Firefox and Chrome. Do they all talk to each other? How do I add my android phone? The phone app says I need a vault first.

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    We're working hard to update 1Password for Android so you can sign in when you first run the app. For now, you'll need to create a vault first. Then you can go to Settings and sign in to your account.

    The extension can't save passwords on Windows just yet. But you can save them in the app, then the extension can fill them.

    Once you have a password saved in the app, you should be able to see it on Windows, Android, and on in your browser. On Windows, you can use the extension to fill your saved passwords.

  • I still can't seem to create a vault! Is it because I'm using Windows 10? I really need this program to help me generate better, more random passwords and then remember them for me. I find myself reusing passwords now and writing them down because I'm just overloaded with passwords anymore. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but it's probably something really simple.

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    @rjtst Sorry about that. I think Khad was actually meaning you should create the vault on your Android device. When you first open the app, tap the "Create your first vault" button and follow the steps on the screen to complete that. Feel free to use the same Master Password as the one in your family account. You don't need to use Dropbox or anything either. Once you have created your vault, there's no need to add anything to it — the vault just has to be there so you can add your account.

    Set up 1Password for Android with your account

    Hope that helps iron things out a bit. :) Sorry again for the confusion.

    ref: OPA-860

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