I was sharing an Icloud account. Can he still have access to my pictures?

So I used to share an Icloud account of a person I knew, I lately deleted some pictures that I didn't want him to see, so I deleted them immediately and I deactivated my ICloud Photo Library, my photo stream, and photo sharing. Then, I logged out deleting the account from my phone and I made my own new one. I am worried if he still has access to my deleted pictures? Because I know you can recover deleted pictures using Icloud, so let's say he wanted to recover his own pictures will he recover mine too since we were sharing the same account? If so what can I do to stop his access?


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    @hannah99990: I really can't say for certain. It will probably be okay going forward if they are no longer logged into the account, and you can ensure that by resetting your password. But really you'll need to talk to Apple out this, not AgileBits. We make 1Password, so if you have questions about that we can answer definitively, but you'll need to talk to Apple directly about iCloud, since it is owned and operated by them. You can find some more information on their support site:

    Delete photos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    I hope this helps! :)

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    I have already posted my question to Apple but I guess they take a lot of time to answer, or maybe they won't answer... I can't wait any longer so I though maybe someone has some information about this. Any way thanks for replying! :smile:

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    I've moved this question over to our Lounge where you may have more luck interacting with our community members. :)


  • Hey there! I have had good luck contacting Apple by using the chat support feature, if you have time definitely give it a try!

    Contact Apple Support

  • @bwoodruff @ness_harding7 Hey guys thank you very much for your help! I will contact Appel hopefully I get some answers thanks

  • Hi @hannah99990,

    Good luck with Apple! (and thanks for sharing that link @ness_harding7!) I hope that they are able to reassure you about the security of your photos.

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