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  • Hi there,
    i woul dlike to get an invite as well.
    What do i have to do ?

    Gz David

  • No, I can't beat 1p FF extension and force it to work with Firefox 55.0.2 and 1p in Ubuntu 17.04.
    It works well in Chrome even without Helper and with enabled Native Messages, but FF button is staying grey.
    "Winetricks list-installed" shows me that I've got:
    Additionally I installed Microsoft .Net 4.7 using Wine 2.0.2.
    Nothing helps.

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    @AN124: I'm not sure we're on the same page here. 1Password for Windows is not supported on Linux. You can, however, sign up for the beta extension which will work in Chrome, as mentioned above. Cheers! :)

  • I've been lurking in this thread for a while seeing if there would be any significant updates. I'm commenting to let the agile bits team know that not having good linux support has finally caused me to migrate over to Lastpass (instead of manually copying passwords from my phone over). A secondary factor was feeling like a second class citizen on Windows with only being able to use 1Password 4.

    I payed for a single user license of 1Password synced with Dropbox so am not particularly interested in paying (again) for a 1Password subscription when Lastpass is free and already has mature support for Firefox/Chrome on Linux. I understand where the team is coming from in terms of available development cycles, but as a poster at some point before said I think I am a tech influencer in my group of friends/family so represent more users than just myself.

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    Thanks for the feedback -- were you not aware that we did develop a browser-only-based extension? If you've liked 1Password up until now and this was your deal-breaker, I'd hate to see you leave due to the absence of something that's not actually absent. You can sign up right in that post, and we'd love to have you as part of the team testing it out. Cheers! :)

  • I was under the impression that for that to work sync needed to be through a paid 1Password account instead of through iCloud/Dropbox sync. As explained in my post, I both already pairs for a license so don’t want to pay double, and LastPass already has robust Linux support and is free for the features I care about.

    If the solution you posted works with iCloud/Dropbox though, that would work for me

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    @EntilZha - no, you're quite correct, the Chrome OS 1Password extension does indeed work only with 1Password accounts. If you're interested in trying one out, it's easy to sign up. Just head over to the main 1Password sign-up page and create a free, 30-day trial. You can see if it suits your needs for Linux usage, and if you decide you like it, I'm sure we can work something out with you cost-wise, if you purchased your standalone 1Password license recently -- something that won't leave you feeling as if you've paid twice. Let us know if you have any further questions!

  • I have been happy with 1password for a few years. Unfortunately, I am unwilling to use chrome and no firefox/linux support is a deal breaker for me. I will be moving my data to enpass which supports mac, linux, and windows with all major browsers.

  • I signed up a few a days ago but did not get any response yet.

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    @linuxpng: Sorry to hear that. I'm not sure I understand what changed to suddenly make you unhappy, but stay safe out there.

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    @uran235: We review all of them on a first-come-first-served basis, so we'll get back to you once we have others who did first.

  • What is the normal turnaround for getting a beta reply? Thanks!

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    @etrexel: It all depends on how many requests the team has received recently and certainly will slow down a bit on weekends. Generally, though, I understand they're pretty good about getting through the list on a regular basis. I'll make sure to give one of them a nudge for you. :+1:

  • To ignore linux community when it comes to developing an app version for it, is like being an American GOP lead by D.J.Trump and thinking you will remain in business forever! Just MHO.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We’re not ignoring anyone. We take all of the feedback we receive into consideration. :)


  • I never said you are, I only commented if it is ignored what the effect is or side effect or what is like. Hence, good to read you are considering it seriously, however it is long overdue.

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    Okay. :)

  • guys when will you have a public beta ? Or can I join the private beta ?

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  • 1234567812345678
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    If I use 1password in the browser, isn't that a security risk ? Then the keyfile is saved by the browser right ? Or even the cloud... I don't like that

    Wasn't there going to be a native linux app ? :)

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    @12345678: Great question! The Secret Key will be saved in the browser's local storage (just like it is when you use the apps); the Master Password, however, is never stored. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • mikeyjoelmikeyjoel
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    Will be testing the CLI option along with the Chrome extension. Is this viable as a business solution? Thanks!
    If not, I'll need to switch to another solution.
    Just logged in to raise my voice on this. (Thought about signing in like 10 times but decided to do it).

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    Welcome to the forum, @mikeyjoel! I'm not quite sure what you're looking for as an answer to "is this a viable business solution?" I would imagine different businesses have different requirements when it comes to password management and overall security so it's a bit difficult for me to give a universal answer. In general, 1Password Teams is what I'd consider our "business solution" - it was built specifically with the needs of organizations and businesses in mind, allowing for a level of granularity in permissions control and sharing that was not possible before.

    The relatively new 1Password CLI is certainly a useful addition for administrators of a 1Password Teams account, but I'm not sure what you're hoping to get out of it that isn't already present in 1Password Teams. Can you clarify? 1Password X is also a relatively recent addition to our capabilities, and while it enables certain use-cases that weren't possible before (like any the ability to use 1Password on any non-macOS or Windows-based operating system, and the need to not have to install a native application for environments where installing software is restricted), most of its functionality is also available in our native 1Password applications for Windows and Mac.

    Can you tell me a bit more about what you're looking for specifically so I know how to answer? Thanks.

  • @Lars I'm the founder and the only IT person in-charge of enderbite.com located in NY. It's a small team right now but will grow in the future. We are all running Oracle Linux(distribution based on RHEL/Centos). Would like to centralize all passwords for each node and make them available to our end users and power users on their Linux machines. They use a mixture of Firefox, Chrome & Konqueror(for those running KDE). It would be great to have a GUI for them to have access(just like Macs do) but if the CLI does the job then awesome.

    Viable business solution:
    My concern is, how easy https://1password.com/teams/ is to manage via the CLI compared to the GUI version? For example;
    Some of our employees are just 3D modelers using The Foundry Modo on their Linux workstations and it connects to a GPU farm that requires authentication. They don't have extensive shell experience, one of the reasons why they use KDE or Cinnamon.

    Thank you for your quick response!

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    @mikeyjoel Hey there! I'm one of the developers that wrote the CLI.. I'd love to chat about your use-cases and get you set up with something that works for you. Could you email me (connor [at] agilebits.com) so we can talk details?

    Thanks :)

  • Guys, have you concidered if firefox quantum on linux could support 1password? I am using Linux Mint.

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    @premier69 - at this point, no. 1Password X is Chrome-only, for a few reasons. However, we're certainly looking into whether we can expand that to other browsers so that people who aren't part of the Windows/Mac world can use 1Password as well. I don't have anything to announce besides that we'd love to bring 1Password X to as many users as we can. Thanks for your interest!

  • thanks Lasse :) "Lars" nickname in Swedish :)
    As long as you know we're here.

    Have a super duper great day and keep us up to date in this thread, please.

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    Posting the same thing in multiple places won't make it happen overnight, but thanks for letting us know you're interested! ;)

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