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Support for cryptocurrency in 1PW would be amazing. I see this has been mentioned before here, but the discussion was closed.

The sphere for cryptocurrency is getting bigger and bigger, each and every day. Bitcoin is accepted through many, many merchants. Dell, Virgin, CheapAir, Overstock, just to name a few. Braintree is becoming one of the most popular payment processors for the web, supports bitcoin. I mean, just look how much the blockchain driven community at Steemit employs 1PW and other password managers, some examples here, here, here and here.

While there is nothing stopping 1PW users from storing private keys in a secure note or "bank account," it's awkward, and feels clumsy. Clumsy isn't a good feeling to have when storing something as sensitive as private keys or encryption passwords. If AgileBits recognized one of the fastest growing open-source technologies since the internet (blockchain technology), and provided support for it before it's the defacto standard, just imagine the brownie points ;)

I personally see this functionality being it's own "type," where public, private and encryption keys can be stored and managed with consistency.

While you're at it, integrate Bitcoin payments for licenses

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  • brentybrenty

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    @5andwich: Oh wow. Yeah, that discussion is two years old, and everything is archived after 6 months. Sorry for the confusion there!

    We definitely recognize (and in some cases, use) digital currencies, but it's important for us to keep perspective and not do everything that seems like it might be a good idea. We try to focus on what we do best: password management.

    I think there's definitely a case to be made that 1Password could be useful for managing this and other things as well, but I hope you'll appreciate that, at least at this point, 1Password becoming a "digital currency store". It would definitely get us brownie points with you and some of the power users out there, but we need to use our limited resources for improving 1Password in ways that will benefit the greatest number of people. That may mean we add support for BitCoin in the future, but right now we have a lot of other things on our plate that benefit many more of our customers.

    It's something we'll certainly continue to evaluate going forward though. Cheers! :)

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