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With a imminent stable build of 1Password 6 for Windows coming out I was wondering if you could share how high on the priority list getting WiFi sync in there will be.

As I stands I've just cut over from a Mac and I can't sync my passwords from my Android device as WiFi sync is the only medium I'm prepared to entertain.


1Password Version: 6.0 beta
_Extension Version:
Not Provided
_OS Version: Windows 10
_Sync Type: WiFi Ideally


  • brentybrenty

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    @spinksj: Wi-Fi Sync may be added in the future, but it is not in our immediate plans since it doesn't pertain to 1Password Families/Teams, which is the focus of 1Password 6. Once we add full local vault support it's something we'll evaluate. But you can use Wi-Fi Sync with 1Password 4 right now, especially since you won't need 1Password Families/Teams if you're determined to sync locally. I hope this helps! :)

  • Hi @brenty, appreciate the quick reply however that's not the best of news :)

    1Password 4 for Windows is a bit of a horror, that and the WiFi sync requires Apple Bonjour Services to be installed.

    It feels more like it has be sticky taped onto Windows rather than ported.

    Is there anywhere we can vote for upcoming functionality? I've bought 1Password 6 on Mac, iOS and Android. I don't really feel like spending any money on 1Password 4 for Windows and it doesn't sound like 1Password 6 for Windows is going to have what I need anytime soon.

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    Hi @spinksj,

    We've already added your vote to our list but Wi-Fi sync on all platforms that 1Password is on require the same thing, Bonjour or zero-config, Apple at the time just happened to have the best supported zero-config implementation on Windows when we added it to 1Password 4. We might find a better built-in solution by the time we look at adding Wi-Fi sync to 1Password 6 for Windows.

    However, one thing is that even if 1Password 6 for Windows could support Wi-Fi sync, you won't be able to sync between Mac and Windows via Wi-Fi either and we don't recommend switching between computers with your Android device.

    In this case, you might be able to get away with this by using Folder Sync instead. Sync the data folder from the Mac to your Android's device storage and copy it over to your PC. 1Password 6 Beta right now does support Folder Sync like Android and Mac. It is free to use 1Password 6 Beta as it doesn't support making changes to your local vault files yet.

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