Will AgileBits move away from local vaults? [AgileBits Answer: Nope. Enjoy your local vaults!]

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Hi there,

regarding the new 1Password for individual service and the missing option to buy the apps separate I wanted to ask if the Business model has changed and Agilebits / 1Password is moving away from local / dropbox sync? And will maybe even stop developing these sync options?

Timo :)

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  • brentybrenty

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    @ntimo: "Standalone" licenses (which use "local" vaults) are still offered, and we have no plans to remove Dropbox or other sync options. But we've received an overwhelming response from folks about 1Password Families (and Teams) already this year (and requests for an individual version), so we're putting these new options front and center. For most people, they offer a better experience for their built-in sync and sharing, and the fact that they're a great deal for what you get (all the apps, multiple users, etc.)

    But 1Password licenses are still there in our store and linked on the pricing page, and we're happy to keep selling them as long as people want to buy them. Cheers! :)

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I don't think I could say it any better than what is already on https://1password.com/sign-up/ :

    Is it possible to purchase a license instead of subscribing?

    Yes. We offer standalone licenses of 1Password for those who need them.

    These licenses enable you to get the benefits of 1Password but it is important to know that some features depend on our hosted service and are therefore only available to subscribers. For example, web access on 1Password.com, automatic syncing, item history, secure sharing with family members, and several other features will not be available to those who purchase a license.

    If company policies or regional restrictions force you to use a cloud-free solution or you prefer to sync your data yourself, you can purchase a standalone license for both Mac and Windows. Pro Features for iOS and Android sold separately.


  • Hi,
    I checked your website 1password.com and did not find any information about a local vault license. Only on your agilebits site. Are your plans to phase out the local vault functionality in future releases? I think a lot of your customers appreciate the local vault functionality and don't want a monthly billed version with encrypted stored data in the web.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Finke03: Hey there! I hope you don't mind, but I've merged your post with an existing discussion on this topic. Please see the answers above, and let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers! :)

  • primeprime
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    With all the issues LastPass are having, the latest here:
    I don't think I will ever want my info on someone's servers like this. But at the same time the pricing for the stand alone 1Password for th Mac has gone up a lot. It was $50 and now it's $65? It feels to me you guys are trying to raise the stand alone stuff so much that people will think "might as well use the subscription one".

    I like how I have control over syncing, and I have many options for it. I just hope you guys aren't going to raise the price so much, that it almost forces people to use the subscription one.

    I just read this too:

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I can genuinely understand how it may appear that way. But, the old price you mention was just for a single platform. It's an apples to oranges comparison. When we compare apples to apples, the price has actually gone down. The current $65 price is for both Mac and Windows. Previously, the Mac + Windows bundle price (which was separate from a single Mac or Windows platform license) was $69.99.

    And we have no plans to discontinue the standalone license. Some folks, such as yourself, prefer it. :+1:

  • I also prefer the standalone. I don't like subscription services in general. I feel more like a hostage to them than a customer or user (no offense).

  • @khad that's the price I saw in the Mac App Store, so I know Windows isn't in that.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    No offense taken at all. We offer the standalone license and are happy to do so. :)

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Indeed. Apple provides no way to bundle licenses with any other platforms when an app is purchased on their Mac App Store (or iOS App Store for that matter). The standalone license purchased directly from us includes Windows [EDIT: includes Windows immediately/instantly].

  • @khad, so why is it so much more in the Mac App Store then?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Sorry. I didn't tell the whole story. I think I also partially misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were comparing the current price to the old price on the Mac App Store.

    The price is the same in order to avoid the question: "Why is 1Password cheaper on the Mac App Store than it is on your website?" And anyone who purchases a license on the Mac App Store can email us their receipt and get a Windows license. So it ends up being the same. It's just more hassle for folks. If they buy from us directly, they get both licenses immediately without having to contact us and wait to get the Windows license.

  • @khad, why can't it just be the same price? I don't get this at all, and I don't have any Windows computers either. actually, no one in my family has Windows. I'm glad my in-laws and my mom got this with it was still $50 in the Mac App Store.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    A standalone license for 1Password is the same price whether purchased on the Mac App Store or the AgileBits Store.

  • @khad, my miatake, and you're right. BUT to my point about pricing. $64.99!?!? Wow. Why did it go up $15? $50 was hard to swallow, but now $65? This is the point I was trying to make, it feels like that the stand alone is become more pricier to have people push to the subscription model.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I think we're talking in circles (or talking past each other) at this point. :)

    The license now includes Mac and Windows for everyone. There was a lot of confusion (and frustration and, frankly, anger) when someone realized they only purchased a Mac license but they wanted to use 1Password on Windows as well. It created a lot of resentment, which is not something we ever want to do.

    As I mentioned earlier, we did sell a Mac + Windows bundle license, but a lot of folks just plain overlooked it even when it was the right thing for their needs. We sold it at a cost of $69.99. Now we are selling the exact same thing for $5 less than before. The $64.99 standalone license includes both Mac and Windows, and so far no one who purchased it has complained or been frustrated because it Just Works™ on all their computers.

    The price was lowered — not raised. We just don't sell a restricted license that only works on a single desktop platform anymore.

  • So technically it was raised if you were only interested in one platform then ;)

    Talking in half-truths, have you thought of becoming a politician?

  • brentybrenty

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    @philtheaussieguy: Technically, the same license including both 1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows is now 5$ less than it was before — which is exactly what khad said. And I'm not sure that your implication that he is a liar is in any way productive. :unamused:

    Most people wanted both, but purchased only one because the price was lower. And then when they couldn't use their license on their other computer (running a different OS), they were understandably frustrated and confused. I think less frustration and confusion in general is better for everyone. If only it were as easy to change the political landscape! :lol:

  • @khad I'm not calling anyone a liar at all, and I'm not mad. I remember buying my mom a $50 gift card so she can get 1Password from the Mac App Store. You can't gift an app on the Mac App Store, so I got her a $50 gift card (the app was $49.99). I'm just wondering why if went up so high?

    Am I missing something?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    @prime it includes Windows.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We've simplified our offerings. We no longer offer a separate license for each platform. We sell a license for the desktop versions of 1Password, the mobile apps are free to download, and then there is an in-app purchase from their respective store for Pro features available if desired.

    We used to get a lot of inquiries from folks about having x, y, and z platforms/devices, and wanting to know what they should buy. Now they just need to subscribe to, or purchase a license for, 1Password.

    There is no denying that we feel our subscription offering is the better solution (both for us and for customers) and so you're absolutely correct that we are de-emphasising the licensing option. We're still offering it, and we plan to continue doing so, but we feel for most folks the 1Password.com services are the way to go, and so that is what is front and center.


  • @khad I know it does now, and what good is that to a person who doesn't use Windows like me? So you know that I've gotten 5 people to buy this program (these are ones I know for sure, I am constantly talking to people about this when they ask for advice), and not one of these people owns a Windows computer. So if they would have bought this now, all of them would have wasted $15 extra... $75 total. How is that a deal?

    It's like how I'm looking for a new car. One of the things we want in the new car is a sunroof. The one car we looked at, the only way we can get a sunroof was to get leather seats also. I don't want leather seats, I have no need for them, and why spend the extra money for nothing?

    All 5 I have to convince them it was value, and now, there is no value. What are people going to do with a Windows license who have zero need for it?

    I love the product a lot, but now for $75 (Mac and iOS), it's pushing it. I like the idea of a subscription, but until it's proven to me nothing will happen to my data on your servers, I'll use the licenses version until it's gets to be too much... And maybe by then the subscription will prove itself, or I go someplace else.

    I am all for paying developers for their work and time, and I pay for my music also because every I believe in supporting the artists. But when someone sells me some I have zero need for, I feel like I'm being ripped off.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I'm glad you already have your license then. It sounds like we would have a hard time selling you a license today. :)

    It's possible that all your friends would prefer a subscription that's only half that price each year and comes with a lot more benefits:

    • Built-in automatic sync across all devices
    • Data loss protection
    • Web access to your data on 1Password.com
    • Item History for restoring deleted or changed items
    • Secure Document storage
    • Brand new multi-factor security model

    And that's not to mention any of the secure sharing benefits for family and team accounts. Feel free to kick the tires and give it a try if you want. The individual plan is FREE for 6 whole months right now. Nothing to lose by trying. You can always go back to your license. :+1:

  • @khad I can't recommend something I don't believe in. Maybe it will change, but as of now, I can't. All the stuff I've read about Keepass and LastPass, nope, no way.

    My father-in-law were one of the people that bough a license, and I know he wouldn't go for a subscription either. I just can't get over that $15 for nothing, I'm sorry, but I can't. I can see if you still changed $50 and put in the notes (for $15 more, you can get a Windows license too), but not this. Do you give a $15 refund for people who don't want the Window lincese?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I would certainly never expect you to recommend anything you don't believe in. You gotta do what's right for you. If you were at all curious, we have very thoroughly documented the security of 1Password accounts, and they include a second factor called the Account Key which has never before been done by any other password manager. It strengthens your Master Password exponentially and, unlike typical 2FA, it cannot be reset, intercepted, or evaded. Learn more about the Account Key.

    You may also be interested in:

    The white paper spells everything out in complete detail, but it's a lot less boring than it sounds. Our Chief Defender Against the Dark Arts, Jeff Goldberg, has written it in a very entertaining manner. :)

    Do you give a $15 refund for people who don't want the Window lincese?

    As a policy, no. But if you have extenuating circumstances, drop us a line via email. We are reasonable people. [email protected]

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    I would gladly pay 99$ for this software. You know why? Because it's worth it. Arguing about 15$ is cheap. I use 1Password since version 2, maybe even 1, i can't really remember and i payed alot for it over the years. But it works, it is secure and it does what it is intended for. People gladly pay 60$ on a videogame they play for a month and thats it, but their world collapses when a usefull piece of software is sold for the same price but lasts years even AND it's making your everyday life really more comfortable. I always recommended 1Password and will do so in the future because it's awesome.

    (But I dare you to kill local vaults and switch to subscription only! Then i will haunt you! But i know you wouldn't.)


  • @Strandbummler I totally agree with you statement ;)

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Strandbummler,

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here! It’s so wonderful to hear that you find 1Password worth the investment - we really appreciate it. :)

  • @Strandbummler I agree, $15 is very cheap, IF I had a use for it. I don't have a Windows computer at all, so I'm wasting $15 for nothing. I've gotten people to buy this for Mac and I can't wait to talk about this to another Mac user:
    Me: it's $65
    Them: why so high?
    Me: you get a Mac version and a Windows version
    Them: I don't have a Windows computer
    Me: well...

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    You can't satisfy everyone.

    At one point Mac and Windows had separate licences and there were many complaints from people who reckoned their licence should have covered both versions.

    Now one licence covers both, and other people are complaining because they have no use for a Windows version and the Mac-only version used to cost less than the present price.

    I've no use for Windows myself, but realise that AgileBits just have to decide which of the two models works best for them.

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