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I like 1Password 4 a lot better than 1Password 6. I will probably buy it when my 30 days are up. Thanks for a solid product. I managed to sync it up to my Dropbox and ready to use 1Password on my IPad. How often does 1Password backup to Dropbox?

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    Hi @toobs,

    1Password does not back up to Dropbox. By default, it backs up to your Documents > 1Password > Backups directory. You can configure this in 1Password's File Menu > Preferences > Backup, which will also have a few options such as how many backups it should keep. By default, 1Password will retain up to 50 backups and only perform backups when there are changes made on the day. If you make no changes to your 1Password data for a week, there will not be any backups done on these days because it would be effectively the same backup as performed a week ago.

    One thing to note, do not configure 1Password to back up to the same directory as your 1Password active folder, it should be kept separately and we advise against syncing the same backup folder on all computers, Dropbox should have a unique backup folder for 1Password on each computer. Backups redundancy is important to do because if something happens to one PC, it won't spread to other backups since each PC would have their own backup copies.

    As for 1Password 4 vs. 6, that makes sense since 1Password 4 for Windows is a mature product with several years of development behind it, plus it has full extension support while 1Password 6 Beta is still a rough beta that's less than a year old with very limited extension support. It will catch up to 1Password 4 very soon and exceed it with more features. Eventually, 1Password 4 will be replaced with 1Password 6 once we add full local vault support to 1Password 6 Beta.

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