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I just imported my password data into 1 password from ewallet which I had saved that text file on my Mac desktop.
After I had imported my data I drag & dropped the ewallet file into a secure note (as suggested in help menu)
which I assumed would move the file from my desktop into 1 password
but the file still exists on the desktop & that desktop file is not secure ( password protected)
So what I want to know is How do I make that file secure or get it off the desktop and fully in 1 Password as it is a small text file?? If I delete it, Trash it, or if I put this file in another folder it is
still vulnerable if I get hacked seeing that 1 password has really done nothing to protect the
original file I imported from. If this is not possible what is the purpose of a secure
note with file attachement? Deleting files in my mind is not secure so hopefully
there is a work around for this which either allows the file to be fully added to 1 password
and off of my desktop or is encrypted so that it needs my 1 password password to view
& protect this.

Any help would be appreciated on how to accomplish this in 1 Password.

Thank you


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    Welcome to the forums, Big AJK!

    The data "inside" your 1Password data file is secured at all times on-disk. You are correct that the adding of an attachment in 1Password don't disturb the original(s). That way you are in complete control of what you do with the file(s) after that point (they might be in a secured Knox vault for example and have no further concerns). If the original is to be removed from the OS X file system, you can delete/trash it using the Finder and then empty the Finder's Trash using the Finder -> Secure Empty Trash menu option.
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