Trial ended - UX pushed me into single license instead of family account

We had a family account trial. When the trial ended the mac app stated "Trial expired, click here to buy". I followed the instructions and payed $65 for a license. However, when I went to use the web login for our family account it tells me our account is frozen. After researching it appears I was sold a single use license instead of a family account. I need the family account, not a single use license - how do I transfer it?

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    Hi @djjohnr! Sorry about that. It sounds like you may not have signed in to your account in the Mac app, which would cause it to think that it still has a trial and ask for a license instead of your account. That's okay — I have just refunded you for the license you bought so you can subscribe instead. :) The refund should show up in 5-7 business days. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks!

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    You're most welcome. :+1:

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