If I use 1password Family, can I still save the vault to OneDrive?

I don't want my data stored in AgileBits' servers

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OS Version: 6.2.9200
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  • brentybrenty

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    @Tims_AgileBits: Yep! Now, you'll be forgoing many of the benefits of 1Password Families (sharing, web access, etc.), but if you just want to use it so you always have the latest versions of all the apps, you can use local vaults and store them in OneDrive (though, I'm not sure I understand why you'd forgo one server for another).

    That said, keep in mind that when you use 1Password, AgileBits never has access to your data, regardless of the setup you choose. Even with 1Password for Families, your data is encrypted on your device, so all the server ever ends up with is an encrypted blob. And since the Account Key is created locally and your Master Password is never transmitted and only known by you, no one — including AgileBits — has the means to decrypt the data.

    You can read more details on how all of this works in our white paper, and don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have! :)

  • @brenty Thanks. I actually use a personal Synology server (It's not OneDrive, but usually equivalent). I like it because it works even when my ISP is unreliable.

  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @Tims_AgileBits

    On behalf of Brenty you're very welcome! If you have any other questions or if there's anything else that you'd like to know about 1Password please don't hesitate to ask :chuffed:

  • This thread is of interest to me because I use 1PW Family across many devices, but sadly no way of syncing to my Windows Phone without using OneDrive (or Dropbox, I suppose).

    Any thoughts on the best way for me to occasionally export my personal vault (on your server) to OneDrive so that I can sync it with Windows Phone?


  • brentybrenty

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    @redunn: 1Password's OPVault and AgileKeychain vault formats are very much self-contained and portable, so it's okay to copy them from one device to another. However, when you do this kind of manual transfer, human error is a very real risk. Mentally managing where the data is from and where it still needs to go can be exhausting, so personally I prefer to let technology handle that. I'm sorry that the Windows Store app has fallen behind as we focus on the desktop version, but we'll be bringing the improvements we've made there back to UWP as soon as we can. :)

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