Organizing "same item" for multiple persons

esasseesasse Junior Member

Hi, now that we have a family plan and a shared vault, we ended up with a problem like this:

One is mine and the other is my wife's.

So I'm just curious about how you are solving this. Just add the person name to the title? There is the member name inside the item, and it would solve the problem, but its not displayed in the list.

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @esasse! Good question. We each have our own method for such things, but the nice thing is 1Password mini takes care of a bit for you if you're using Login items. The username is displayed after the title:

    For other item types, I store the title followed by a dash and the username, just like the app does automatically with Logins. This has worked pretty well for me. :) Hope that helps with inspiration!

  • esasseesasse Junior Member

    Thanks @Jacob, I'll follow your tip, but this is a problem that would be nice to have 1Password solve for us.

  • brentybrenty

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    @esasse: The problem is that the naming of the item itself needs to be clear enough for you to tell one piece of information that you've stored from another, and this isn't a problem that 1Password should be trying to solve for you. After all, something like that is very personal, and you may not like the way that someone else prefers to organize things. For example, Jacob's suggestion above is one solution, but it sounds like you're not a big fan. It's a really subjective thing.

    You have a few options: Access only your own data and let your wife have hers. After all, you each have a Personal vault in which to store "personal" data like a person-specific rewards account. If these were something you could share, you'd only have one. Instead, you each have your own. If you each keep your own in your Personal vault, then each of you will only see that one in 1Password, eliminating any confusion.

    However, if there's a need to access each other's memberships (or other info), storing them in the Shared vault with appropriate names can be useful. I do this with some things, and use an "Item name (initials)" scheme so I can quickly tell at a glance which is which. I like this because it doesn't take up much space, whereas having 1Password automatically add the name or (/shudder) account number would take up a lot more.

    So I don't know that there's a one-size-fits-all solution that will make most people happy, but it's something we'll continue to consider. :)

  • esasseesasse Junior Member

    Thanks for you comments @brenty, but from a user point of view, it looks pretty simple for 1Password to solve this in the same way it did with login items.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback, @esasse. I'll be happy to pass it along to our development team.


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