I can't seem to transfer my "license" (not account?!?) to my wife's new computer and sync her vault?

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I have my "master" license?!? But no account, I guess. I have my 1password on my computer and devices and somehow I have it on my wife's computer and her devices (this would be the last time I spent HOURS trying to do this because you won't offer a 10 minute phone support option) - and she has her own "vault" (which means her own set of UNs and PWs, right?).
I am now trying, again, to get it on her new computer. I need step-by-step help (the kind you can get from almost any other tech company over the phone!!) but I guess I'm reduced to a "forum" style back n forth.
I have already downloaded 1password to her new PC (windows 10 - but everything else we use is mac), but seem to only be able to open it with my password (not hers, which I need) and can't find any 'sync' options for her vault - i don't want or need my vault on her computer.
Again, i'm familiar enough with tech support to know that this would not take 30 minutes on the phone (probably not even 20), but I guess I'm reduced to spending the hours here :(
I know you are not responsible for the lack of efficient and customer friendly phone options (are you?), so I'm not angry with you - just angry. Hope you will not take my 'tone' personally.
Pretty Bummed,
[removed by staff] (feel free to give me a call...
PLEASE give me a call)

1Password Version: 6.0.2
Extension Version: I use different browsers
OS Version: windows 10
Sync Type: dropbox
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    @younger: Sorry for the confusion! We are a small company, so we don't have a callcenter with "operators standing by"; and we've found it's simply easier to provide the instructions so you can follow them step by step when it's convenient for you. For example, it is impossible to receive a Diagnostics Report over the phone, and following steps at your own pace is a huge advantage of forum and email support.

    But of course if you would prefer email support, you can email us instead: [email protected] It is the same team of people replying both here and via email, but if you prefer email, please do include a link to this thread in your email, along with your forum username so that we can "connect the dots" and attach a Diagnostics Report. You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here so we can quickly track down your email and ensure that it is dealt with quickly.

    I've also removed your phone number from your post since it's public. It seems like you may be having trouble because you're trying to use a personal license for multiple people. But rather than get into other sensitive information here, I think it's best to keep it to email and we can also figure that out as well and get things setup. Thanks in advance! :)

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