Feature Request: Transparent and vote-enabled feature request system.

It would be great to see a feature-request system implement that is transparent to your customers. Shooting off feature requests here/Twitter/Email is better than nothing, but it doesn't give us, or you any sort of clear idea of what is most important to your customers. Something idea scale-ish would be great, but at least something that could allow for voting. And has a way for customers to clearly see what features are in dev and which have not been deemed important enough.

Considering how fluid the feature set is on Teams/Families, it would be great to have a better understanding of where you're going with the product.


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  • brentybrenty

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    @peet1: I don't think we will ever do that. That said, it's something we consider, and it may be that we do in the future, but especially when you talk about "a way for customers to clearly see what features are in dev" that's pretty much a non-starter. That totally ruins any surprise we might have in store, and when (not if) features are worked on but abandoned, that's an even worse kind of surprise. Nobody's happy then. :(

    On the other hand, not having a voting system gives us the flexibility to do things like add the beta MFA feature to 1Password Teams due to popular demand and get real feedback from folks using it. And frankly, that just hearkens (ha!) back to the extended beta period we had for 1Password Teams itself. That's the sort of thing we're more likely to do: share a prerelease feature once we've gotten it off the ground and then let people use it and let us know how they'd like it improved. :)

  • @brenty I don't necessarily think it needs to be as inflexible as you're considering. That said, if it doesn't fit your culture, it doesn't fit. It's just a way to let your customers know how their feedback is being handled, or not. For example, I think it's pretty clear that I as well as a lot of other users are pretty frustrated with not being able to rename vaults. I know it's one of my least favorite 'features' of the product. The only way I have any idea how much the community agrees or disagrees with me is to search this forum and any other communication channel and guess at the number of 'votes' for changing the 'feature'.

    I've been planing on working Teams into my business. When I use apps and services for my business, I like having more information. Having the product roadmap be based on the need for surprises isn't exactly my favorite. I already have to deal with supporting big Apple.

    But, like I said, if it doesn't fit your culture, it doesn't fit.


  • JacobJacob

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    As I mentioned in your other thread, thanks for the perspective. :) I love public roadmaps and voting too, but it's just not something that fits AgileBits. It's always nice to discuss things, though. Thanks for taking time to do that.

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