Search form in popup?

Okay so I went to site called but since I'm on my phone it redirects me to and there's no login.

When I try to login with 1 password it just offers "new login" even though I have it already for desktop version.

Can we please add a "Search" somewhere here like in the screenshot?

I imagine there's an option to have domain name pw's pertain to subdomains, but search could be an additional solution maybe?


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    Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see a search option there, @nsretenovic! :)

    To prevent phishing attacks, 1Password will never automatically fill a password on a domain other than the one you have saved. However, it would be handy to be able to "override" that by at least looking up a password to manually copy and paste. I've passed your feedback along to the developers. :+1:

    All that said, subdomains definitely should be matched. So when you visit, you should see all your Logins for (including,, etc.).

    Do you mind sharing the actual URL of the site? I'm wondering if there is something peculiar to that site that may be causing different behavior.

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