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Hello! Guys, I've been using 1Password for around 1-2 years. And I'm really enjoying this product! Year and a half ago I've bought 1Password for iPad in AppStore for around 10$. Two-three weeks ago I've bought it for Android for exactly 10$. Now I've received a Mac from Apple, and what I see? Again I need to pay for using 1Password! That's disappointing.. May I use now for free? I've already given to you guys approximately 20$ for your development. So how much more do I need to pay to use it normally?
Are there any solutions for that issue?

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Thank you!
Sincerely yours, Dmitry Kolesov

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    Hi @dimitrykolesov,

    Thanks for your longtime support! :)

    In the past, 1Password was sold separately on each platform. It's actually free on iOS and Android. There is only a charge for the Pro features. Thanks for buying the Pro features on iOS and Android. A license for 1Password on Mac and Windows is $64.99.

    However, we have a new option if you prefer it. You can sign up for a 1Password subscription which includes all the apps on all the platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It includes the Pro features on mobile devices as well as free upgrades for life, as long as your subscription is active. We are offering a free trial of 6 months if you sign up before September 21. You can read more about the subscription option in our blog post announcing it, or purchase a standalone Mac/Windows license.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to answer them.

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