How to sync automatically between standalone 1password 4 and 1password account?

How to sync automatically between standalone 1password 4 and 1password account? I have both of them operational but the account is empty. My OS is Win10.

I am a new user and I have been reading the instructions and blogs for two days. I still could not figure it out. In the sales pitch it was stated that I should not worry about it, just log in.

Thanks in advance.

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    @ghszabo: Indeed. I'm sorry for the confusion! Bernfrin is correct: 1Password 4 predates the subscription service and cannot connect to it, so there is no way to login to a 1Password Account there. You can use the web interface at or the 1Password 6 Windows desktop beta, which we're building expressly for the subscription service, to access your data on Windows:

    1Password 6 beta (Windows)

    And if you have data in local vaults in 1Password 4, just follow this guide to migrate it to your 1Password Account:

    Migrating to a 1Password Account

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions! :)

  • Thank you Bernfrin for your quick response, which spared my time and brenty for the detailed process. I was able to move my data. It is a quite hassle as compared to RoboForm-to-Go, which I have been using for a long time.

    I was surprised about the fact that export.1pif was not encrypted and I needed to take care about the trash as well. Don’t you think it is a security issue? You see, I decided to abandon RoboForm because some IT geek made negative comments about its security. And here comes the alternative: dump all your secure data on your PC unencrypted. I wanted to use my-account as backup, but now I am realizing that it is not the best idea considering the process.

    Any comments brenty?

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    @ghszabo: It's definitely not easy to migrate data from one format to another. And while the plaintext 1PIF and encrypted AgileKeychain and OPVault formats are open, unfortunately that doesn't mean that the competition is anxious to adopt them. But more importantly, your data is only readable without needing to be decrypted if it's already in plaintext. After all, we're using password managers to encrypt our data to keep it secure...and if it's encrypted, it cannot be read either by an attacker, someone merely curious, or another app, malicious or benign. So we need to use plaintext as an intermediate step to export/import so that the data can be read in the first place. It's certainly not something that should be taken lightly, but it's necessary. I hope this helps!

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