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I have an iPhone 6, a Mac and a Windows laptop. I have 1Password iOS and 1Passwotd for my Mac. What are my options for Windows? Do I need to purchase the app yet again just to use it on my different hardware devices? Is it even available for Windows?



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    Hello there @Macorin,

    1Password is indeed available for Windows. We are working on making this presence even better than it is now. :)

    Basically, there are two ways to use 1Password right now:

    1. Purchase a standalone license (one license for both Mac and Windows) and buy Pro-features on iOS and Android with an in-app purchase (1Password app is free to download). In this case you are able to sync 1Password data via iCloud, Dropbox, or Wireless Network. If you want to sync your data across Windows and Mac, you can use Dropbox as a cross-platform syncing option.
    2. Sign up for one of the subscription options: 1Password Teams, 1Password Families, or 1Password for Individuals. Your encrypted vault will be stored on our servers and you won't need to worry about syncing options. Your subscription includes the 1Password apps for all platforms (including web-interface!). There are no licenses to keep track of — simply download the apps from, and sign in to your accounts. All upgrades are also included for free.

    If you want your license to include both Mac and Windows, but don't want to sign up for 1Password Account (second option), you can always upgrade your license on our website:

    License Upgrade

    And then download 1Password 4 from our downloads page.

    If you decide to switch to 1Password Account, you should download 1Password 6 (which is currently in beta) from your Account page.

    I hope it helps. If you have any additional questions, please ask us any time -- we are here to help. 8-)

  • Ok, so I own the stand alone for Mac and I ought the pro features for iOS, but I don't see how to use it on my PC. In fact, I'm not even sure how to get it there. Do I download it from the Windows store? Just not a huge PC user until now, so not sure about this.

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    Dear @Macorin,

    If you have a standalone license for Mac, you should be able to upgrade it to include Windows. Please tell me, did you purchase the license from our website or from the Mac App Store? Once we know this info, I will provide you with instructions on how to do it. :+1:

    However, don't post any personal info about your license here. Thanks in advance! :)

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