When not logged in, the 1Password button for the chrome extension does not respond to left-click.

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Lately I've been experiencing a recurring problem with the Chrome Extension on Windows 10. When I first launch the browser and I have not logged into 1Password (neither via the desktop app or the chrome extension), the 1Password button does not respond to any left clicks. In order to get it to open, I have to right click, then open it from the context menu. Once I've authenticated left click works as expected.

I recently fully reset my Windows 10 pc that I'm having the issue on, yet the problem reoccurred. The only other extensions I have installed are for Google Apps.

1Password Version:
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OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: DropBox


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    @arriace: That's really odd. I'm sorry for the trouble! Some users have reported that Chrome's built in password manager has caused single clicks not to register, and double-clicks to register as single clicks. Have you tried double-clicking? Some folks have found that disabling Chrome's password management resolved the issue. Otherwise, clicking on the task bar may help "release" whatever is getting stuck in Chrome. Let me know what you find!

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