RSS feed for update information?


I note that 1p4t updates are now described in
Is there an equivalent RSS feed for the above page?


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  • sjksjk oversoul

    Team Member

    Hi @AUSFestivus,

    Thanks for asking about this. We've discussed adding RSS feeds/links for our Release Notes pages and have an open request in our internal tracker, where I've made note of your interest. Several folks on our team, including me, would also be happy to have this. :)

    ref: AGW-235

  • Thanks very much.

    FYI, my use case is based around a Slack integration. Our ops team has a Slack channel which vendor/supplier releases/updates are posted to. Helps the ops team stay on top of the moveable feast that is software releases these days.

  • JacobJacob

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    I hear you there! We use Slack too. :)

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