How can I create a vault in a team account without the 'owners' having access?

I would like to create a vault between myself and a team member (who's not in the 'owners' group). However, when I create a new vault to be shared with my team member, the owner's group is added automatically. It appears that they would have access to this vault - to add members to the group.

I want only myself and my team member to have access to this account and no one else. Is this possible? What are my options for something like this?

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @gigi_poon! Great question. They actually don't need to be in the owners group, or any other group, to access the vault. All they need to do is have direct access to it. You can add this from the vault's page in the Admin Console by clicking Manage Access in the People section:

    Just check their name, then click Done and they will be added to the vault. :)

    Owners are automatically added to all vaults since they own the team. The only vaults they can't access are Personal ones that each member has. Learn more about how to create team vaults and share items.

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