Problems - Autotype in Microsoft Edge truncates text

For Microsoft Edge there is no browser extension available, so I clicked in 1Password on the small "Auto-Type" button behind the username and selected the correct window (it already was selected properly).
But my username is not filled correctly, the first 2 characters are missing.
This is a problem that can be reproduced.

This seems to be a common problem that also affected my old password manager KeePass.
Before I switched to 1Password I reported the same problem and Dominik (the programmer of KeePass) told ne that there are some users complaining about this and as a work around he will add a short delay before he begins to fill in the username.

Please have a look at this problem and please try to fix it.
Thank you!

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  • Hi @OLLI_S,

    I can see how this might be very annoying. I've just given this a try on about ten common sites and encountered the same issue as you, actually slightly worse, it didn't fill the username field at all.

    On a hunch, I activated the Send Ctrl+A before Auto-Type option in the respective entries, and voilà, it worked.

    So here's what you should do:

    1. Enable the Send Ctrl+A before Auto-Type option for all entries that you wish to use in Microsoft Edge using Auto-Type.
    2. Visit a website in Microsoft Edge.
    3. Place the cursor in the username field.
    4. Invoke Auto-Type in 1Password 4.

    Please let us know if this helps!



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