Problems reinstalling 1 Password without account


My hard drive broke and has been replaced. I am therefore trying to reinstall 1Password (it is already installed on two other computers, an iPad and an iPhone. But I don't use an 1Password account, and don't wish to take up that option. But when I try to reinstall, I only have the choice of "I am new.." I have used", or "Backup from vault..." I run Windows 7.

Of course I have no backup on this computer or an existing vault - they were all on the old broken drive. Ther are backups on the other computers I presume. There is no option just to allow me to sign in and use my data. I have my licence key, but when I follow the advice from Agilebits

Select Help > Enter License Key…, and enter the above key."

there is no Help on that page or anywhere I can find. If I try to purchase from the purchase page and enter my licence key (confirmed as correct by Agilebits" it says licence not found.

I use Dropbox for syncing, but of course I can't get past the first page of the installer. It's taken me a bit of time to even get into the forum, and I have asked a similar question through the email contacts.

. Maybe I am missing something..... Any help much appreciated.


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  • Hi @hdsoawhdhagf,

    Thanks for reaching out. We'll help you get everything in order again.

    First off: I sent you the license purchase confirmation again via email, so you definitely have the right license key.

    Secondly: If you are syncing via Dropbox already, the data should be there. Have you managed to install Dropbox on your PC at this point? If so, then You need to select 'I have used 1Password before' on the setup screen and select the vault file in the Dropbox folder.

    I hope this gets you on the right path. Let me know if you need any further assistance. We're always here to help!


  • Thanks Alex - you were right of course, all I had to do was install Dropbox on the "new" pc and then it all worked. Thanks again for your prompt and valuable response (and also for the information about the licence key). Always impressed with the service from 1 Password!

  • You are most welcome, @hdsoawhdhagf!

    If you need anything else, you know where to find us :)

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