More syncing options needed

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With the news of how Dropbox hacks your Mac and seeing how literally the only reason I use Dropbox is for 1Password, I decided to look into alternatives.

Cloud storage: currently you only offer Dropbox, other providers would be great (especially OneDrive). The linked news shows the perils of only offering one provider.

WLAN works great, but there's just no way of automating this process and it's a pain to do manually. Also I read, though I haven't been able to test this first-hand, that you can't sync to multiple computers, meaning I would have to use different sync methods to keep computers synced.

Local Storage apparently only works with .agilekeychain vaults.

1Password Account: For now, I have no interest in resubscribing.

I know you are focusing on 1Password Accounts, but there should be a decent way to sync that doesn't rely on a single provider.

I'm using WLAN for now, though I would switch to local storage if it worked with OPVault.


  • periperi

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    @ChaconC We don't currently have plans to add support for other third-party sync solutions. Our priority right now is on improving the sync solutions we support, as well as our own hosted solution. I will let the team know you'd like to see OneDrive supported on Android though! ref: OPA-292

    For now, if you want to use the OPVault format without using Dropbox or our hosted service, WLAN syncing is indeed your best bet.

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