Android syncing with account or Dropbox or both?

I recently got a account for Families. I had been syncing my passwords with Dropbox. I've set up my account on my android phone. What I don't understand is if the syncing is with the account or is it still with Dropbox?

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OS Version: Android
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  • periperi

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    Hey @heroman. Your 1Password account is completely separate from your Primary local vault in Dropbox, even if you've migrated your data. So it sounds like you now have both the Primary vault syncing with Dropbox, as well as your 1Password account. Your account data doesn't sync through Dropbox. Instead, it's hosted in our servers and we sync it automatically for you.

    If you plan on using your 1Password account exclusively, you can reset the app and sign in with your account only. To do so, go to your device settings and tap Apps > 1Password > Storage > Clear Data. That will allow you to start over with 1Password on Android. Sign into your account and you should no longer see your Primary vault.

    Let us know if you have more questions!

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