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When a login is added or updated does a new Longins Bookmarklet need to be created, or will the Sync Now button add or update the login?

I've added and updated several logins recently and I noticed that syncing the bookmarklet doesn't seem to work, so I simply created a new one to replace the previous one.

Is anyone else experience this or am I missing something?


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    Hi marc, welcome to the forums.

    The Sync now button will sync all the changes to the bookmarklet, however it does not sync to the Safari on your Mobile by default. The only way to do that is to Sync via iTunes, make sure you select Safari Bookmarks in iTunes to sync. I am however assuming that we're talking about syncing to Mobile Safari on your iOS device, please let me know if this is what you were referring to and it works for you.
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    I use MobileMe to sync my bookmarks.
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