network error when signing in to 1 Pass for Teams

Hi, I'm not able to add an account of on my android device.

I clicked "add account", then "扫描二维码 (scan qrcode)". I scanned the code from

So I entered the "主密码 (master password)", then "保存账户 (save account)". But I only got an "错误 (error)" alert with the following message.

"无法与服务器进行通信。请检查您的网络连接,并确保团队 url 是正确的。 (unable to communicate with the server. Please check your network connection, and make sure the team url is correct)"

I'm quite sure I have an active internet access and the url is right, for I was able to open that team url directly in my browser.


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @LjxPrime: It sounds like you may be having this issue because 1Password is unable to establish a secure connection. If anything is interfering with a direct, encrypted, point-to-point connection between you and the server, the connection will be rejected. Do you have other software (proxy, etc.) or something else in your network environment which may be interfering? Please let me know what you find!

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