choosing a family account name

I'm ready to take the plunge, but I don't know whether I alone will be typing the account name at login, or if every family member will share it.

I was about to create a family account with , and the signup engine converted it to -family. Do I want that? Something shorter? Something obscure?


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  • (Sorry, I provided my family name -- enclosed in angle brackets for this post, and stripped out by the forum software.)

    I provided "myfamilyname" and the server came back with "myfamilyname-family"

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    The only time you or anyone will need to enter the URL is when you need to access the website and the first time you connect the apps. Some things you can only do from the website e.g add users
    I went for the shortest thing I could find and it has nothing to do with my family it's just easy to remember and short.

    Oh and there was a minimum requirement. I think 5 or 6 characters which is how I picked mine

  • Hello @crichman, the Family name for your 1Password Families account will be displayed in the apps itself, so you know just which 1Password Account you have connected to your device, and be used to refer to the account in any emails you send to those you wish to invite to the account. It’s not something you’ll be entering frequently, though you’ll want to pick a clear name that makes sense in the context of a 1Password Families account.

    The information you will need when logging into the account is the sign-in URL, email address, Account Key (unique to each user) and your Master Password. The web browser will remember most of those details assuming your cookies are not cleared, and you will primarily be inputting the Master Password after an initial sign in on a device.

    By the way, thanks for the assist @tommyent. :)

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