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Hi there.
I like using the bowser extension Logins list. But the list ist growing very long and it takes quite some time to scroll to the end. Is there a faster way or is it possible to implement a feature e.g. by pressing a letter to jump down?

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  • Hi @Thundersnake,

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Are you talking about the list of logins when used with 1Password 4 or the 1Password 6 beta?

    The extension behaves very differently, depending on the version of 1Password you're using on Windows.
    That said: you can search to narrow down the list quickly in both.

    1Password 4: click the extension button and simply start typing the title of an item or the website, the app will search in the background, filter the list, and show you the matching items almost instantaneously.

    1Password 6: click the extension button and start typing the search term (the search box should be selected automatically), you'll see the real time search results in the extension window.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.



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