Emergency Kit wrong after changing sign-in address

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I was setting up the Windows 7 beta and at the login screen, it mentioned using the QR code so I thought I would give it a try.
I didn't have the Emergency Kit printed page here so I logged into the website to get a new PDF. During that session, and before I generated the PDF, I decided to change the name and sign-in address, which was successful.

After making the changes under Family Settings, I switched to My Profile and generated a new Emergency Kit PDF. I kept working on the site without issue and switched over to 1P on my Mac, which automatically picked up the changed name and address. Nice! :)

I opened the PDF to get the QR code and saw that it created the PDF using the previous sign-in address, therefore making that kit invalid.

I went back to the web browser to try again and my login had timed out. Attempting to log in failed as the login page URL was still at the old address. The failure message was helpful in saying that the address had changed and to copy my account key and change the URL to the new address. That was a nice touch as other sites would just give a "login incorrect" error. :+1:

Suggestion, when the sign-in address is changed, immediately log the user out, showing the helpful re-login message. This would inhibit them from continuing to use the old address.

Even better would be if it could log out of the old address and the webpage is redirected to the new address, to the login page with the helpful message. That might not be possible due to browser security restrictions, cross site cookies, etc. Perhaps it could be driven by 1P Mini/Browser extension instead which might be able to change the page URL, cookies, etc.

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @Smudge! Thanks for the feedback. :) I agree that we can handle this better, and I'd be happy to chat with the team about what you mentioned. The Emergency Kit is updated when you change your address, but we don't prompt you to download a new one. That may help with your initial concern, and to make things smoother in general we could move you to the new address as well. I'll see what the team says about that from a backend perspective.

    ref: B5-2047

  • SmudgeSmudge Junior Member

    The Emergency Kit is updated when you change your address

    That is the reason for the post. It was not updated properly. It was still using the old address. Probably because I was still logged in under the old address when I clicked the link to generate a new kit. The system simply used the logged in URL/cookie where it probably should have queried the backend system for the proper URL for my account.

  • JacobJacob

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    Thanks for clarifying. I've let the team know about that so we can get it fixed. :)

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