Password not being asked for

I just noticed with the latest beta that the program is no longer asking for my password when I quit and then re-open.

1Password Version: 6.5b22
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.11.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @DrSFG,

    Can you confirm that 1Password is remaining unlocked even after conditions for Auto-lock settings under Security Preferences should be triggering it to lock?

    Make sure at least "Lock when main window is closed" is enabled if you want it to be locking every time you quit the app (since that closes its main window).

    If any auto-lock settings aren't working properly please let us know which one(s) and we'll continue troubleshooting from there. Thanks!

  • What seems to be happening now is that the main program and the helper program in the menu bar are no longer working independently of each other. Prior to this, the menu bar program would remain active even when the main program was closed, yet when the main program was reopened it would require my password. Was this done intentionally?
    So, yes, the program locks when I close the main window when I enable it, but it now also closes the satellite program in the menu bar as well, which did not happen prior to this last beta.

  • brentybrenty

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    @DrSFG: We haven't made any changes to 1Password's lock behaviour recently, so there must be something else going on. The default behaviour for macOS is that ⌘ Q quits the app. If you hold Option, it will quit everything completely. You can change this behaviour in System Preferences > General through:

    If use the Control key when quitting 1Password, it will also quit 1Password mini. 1Password mini (in the menu bar) is actually a separate process that stays running even when you close the main 1Password app, unless you disable it in 1Password Preferences > General:

    If 1Password mini is running, it can keep 1Password unlocked for you (and auto-lock) even when the main 1Password app is closed. But you can have 1Password lock completely when you close the main window by enabling that option in 1Password Preferences > Security:

    Do you have these set differently? If you're still having trouble, I wonder if you don't simply have multiple copies of 1Password either installed or just running in the background if it wasn't killed properly by the OS. Do a Spotlight search to be sure and drag any duplicates to the Trash. Then restart your Mac to make sure an old version is not still in memory. Let me know what you find! :)

  • 1) In System Preferences/General/Close Windows. . .: ON
    2) In 1Password Preferences/General/Always Keep Password Mini running: SELECTED
    3) In 1Password Preferences/Security/Lock when main window is closed: SELECTED
    No multiple copies on Spotlight search

    Toggling 1) does nothing.
    Even though I have 2) on, mini is closing when I close 1Password window.

    This only started with the last beta.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Thanks for the additional information, @DrSFG.

    I'm still puzzled why 1Password mini would be closing when you're closing the main app window instead of just locking 1Password. All my attempts to make it happen have failed so let's move this conversation to email where we can dig deeper to figure it out. To do that, please restart your Mac, reproduce the problem again, then use the 1Password Troubleshooting tool to generate a diagnostics report as soon as possible:

    Attach the report file with an email to: [email protected]

    Please do not post your diagnostics report in the forum, and do include a link to this discussion in the email.

    You'll receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a support ticket ID. Please post that ticket ID here so we can track down your email with the report more quickly and get this issue resolved. Thanks in advance!

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