IE9 on Vista sometimes requiring restart for 1Password to work

Since updating to IE9 a few months ago, I've noticed that sometimes when using Ctrl-\ to fill out a site, it will pop up the 1Password window with the current logon greyed out and saying there are no logons for that site, even though there are. This can happen on extremely common sites like that are definitely in the list. Once it begins happening (from memory) I won't be able to auto-fill any sites.

If I then use the drop-down to manually "select and go", it will give a pop-up saying there may be a problem with explorer and to restart it. When I restart explorer, Ctrl-\ works just fine. Or I can just open up 1Password seperately, and cut and paste the password out until I'm ready to restart explorer later.

I wouldn't normally complain, but it happens a few times a day, and has become a little grating :-) Maybe I can help you find the cause of the problem? Like all great problems though, it seems to be fairly random... I can't exactly make it happen. I usually only have a few (1 or 2) IE9 windows open at once, and a few tabs on each, and I only logon to a couple sites here and there. I usually shut IE9 down at the end of the day but sometimes it's running overnight. I don't have any other IE9 problems, and I didn't have any problem at all with IE8.

IE 9.0.8112.16421; no special addons (basic java, shockwave flash/activex, adbove pdf link helper, then the microsoft addons for live, media player, silverlight, and research).
1Password; 197 logins synched over dropbox w/ mac, iphone, ipad versions.
Vista 32-bit Service Pack 2


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Welcome to the forum, DoctorOwl, and thanks for the detailed report!

    I'm sorry to say that we don't have a Vista system (at least that I know of) on which to test 1Password, which is why we don't certify compatibility with that platform—only with XP and 7, though I know there are customers using 1Password on Vista systems.

    None of that is an attempt to avoid the issue, just to explain that I'm not sure how well we'll be able to help.

    That said, please send us a diagnostic report, the next time it happens. That's a place to start, anyway.
  • DBrown wrote:
    That said, please send us a diagnostic report, the next time it happens. That's a place to start, anyway.

    Done; I've sent it through with some screenshots. Here's hoping.
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